Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another look at the Clazel

I said at the beginning of the semester that I was going to do a more focused piece on the Clazel. Well here it is, a combination of reporting and writing using a lot of the multimedia skills I've learned recently. I chose a theme that matches the Clazel's style, I hope it doesn't clash too much with our page design.

The Clazel is one of the most historic places in town. It has a lesser-known connection to Bowling Green State University, which is even stronger now that it's a bar. It even has a really cool "movie" theme to it in a lot of the design, and interesting early 20th-century style architecture. Even if you're not looking for a place to have a drink, check out the Clazel. Seeing the mix between classic and modern styles in the building alone makes it worth the trip. Don't leave Bowling Green without coming in here at least once..

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