Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Woodland Mall: Shopping Center or Money Pit?

University students often refer to the Woodland Mall as the "small" because of its size and lack of major retailers to attract shoppers. There was a very popular Steve & Barry's clothing chain in one wing of the mall until it closed last year, taking with it many shoppers who brought business into the mall. Until we showed up one Saturday and found it completely packed with shoppers and dance show audience (which you'll see), we weren't sure this place ever got busy, aside from the folks who come to be able to walk for exercise in doors (mall walkers).

This audio slideshow was produced by both of us. Daniel and I both did reporting at the mall, with the photos being taken by myself. I captured and edited photos and produced the final product, while Daniel wrote the script and narrated the audio for this story. We hope you enjoy it.

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