Sunday, November 7, 2010

Behind the Creations by dawNN

Dawnn (with 2 n’s) Mahulawde is an entrepreneur.

Let it be known that entrepreneurship is a practice that everyone cannot cultivate.  Today, most people opt to work for an established commercial enterprise like Wal-Mart or McDonald’s.   Which is not a bad thing, working in such an institution has its pro’s and con’s.  Camaraderie with co-workers and benefits from collective bargaining are rewards for these foot soldiers of business.  But entrepreneurs have an agency more powerful, comparable to a king or a queen, exercising their will via the concept of manifest destiny in the business world.

Many of these start-up owners, like Dawnn, begin their journey on the fringes of commercial activity, hoping that their idea will excite consumers and fill a void in their respective markets.  Luckily her ideas manifested into interesting products and steady clientele.

After graduating from BGSU, she moved to Manhattan to attend Columbia University’s famed Teachers College. Dawnn now finds herself balancing her formal study in Counseling Psychology with her informal hustle, Creations by dawNN.  She’s landed in the BizNest to discuss entrepreneurship, self-help, and whatever else under the sun.

Q: First off, do you miss Bowling Green?
I do miss Bowling Green. It was such a small town and much easier to do business there.

Q:  Do you miss any stores in BG?
I do miss Asherah’s Garden. It is a holistic shop.

Q:  What constitutes Creations by dawNN?
A:   Jewelry, Mature Love Book, Hair Growth Oil, and now purses.

Q:  What makes your pieces special or worth mentioning?
A:  They are made from inspiration, magic, and love.  Inspiration is the immediate thought that comes to me. “It tells me that I must create this ______”. The magic is what comes when I put the inspiration into action. It is what happens after I bring my inspiration to life, sort of like a baby being born. The love is what I show each of my business ventures when I give them a name. It is what I show when I advertise them to someone.

Q:  How long have you been making jewelry?   
A:  Since my sophomore year of high school.  My cousin taught me how and I kept making it off and on until last year.  Last semester of my senior year, I began selling it around campus.

Q: Would you like to have a company with subordinates or would you rather handle your business on your lonesome?
A:  Right now I would only use help for advertising.  I’ve been advertising through donations of my jewelry.  I donated them to The Charity Fashion Show by Fad Watch.  I’ve also been advertising by donating jewelry to blogs.  But the threat of someone stealing my brand after I teach them overrides me wanting employees.

Q: The book that you’re currently writing, what is it about?
A:  The name of the book is Mature Love.  It’s inspired by my fiancé.  It’s a take on a 21 year old’s conception of love in this age of technology.  I disseminated the thought of Mature Love through Facebook statuses.  I received tons of feedback and the entrepreneur inside of me decided to write a book.  I mentioned that we are in the age of technology because I use FB as a catalyst, and I’m going to publish it in an E-book format.

Q:  Where do you find inspiration for your work?
A:  Unknowingly my father is.  He came here as an immigrant but garnered properties (housing) and is successful.  Although I wasn’t taught how to fix a car, or how to fix a house because of strict gender roles, I still had the desire to learn.  Not to learn those types of things, but to be an entrepreneur just like my father.  He’s a ‘jack of all trades’ and I’m trying to be the woman version.

Q:  You mentioned earlier hat you have a tax identification number but you don’t use it.  Why is that?
A:  Because I don’t want the government in my business, as of yet [laughs].  I consider my creations a lucrative hobby.  A hobby rather because it’s inconsistent.  By inconsistent I mean the irregularity.  I have my weeks when I’m selling items, and I have weeks when I’m not.

Q:  Is the mental health industry a big market?
A:  It's a big market comprised of small businesses.  You can have your own practice, work for a hospital, community organization, professor, etc.  But everyone has to come together to present new findings in order to disseminate mental health information and take it back to their respective work.

If interested in Creations by dawNN check out her previous manifestations of glamour on Facebook.   Or for some words geared towards healthy living from a #citygirl perspective follow her on Twitter: @Dawnwith2ns.

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